MMAudio Pak 2 for OS/2

The MMAudio Pak is a collection of audio IO procedures to extend OS/2’s multimedia system. It presently contains,

Refer to the above documentation for detailed requirements and legal restrictions on each IOProc.

What do I get?

After installation, these file formats can be played in any OS/2 player.

Why not use WarpAMP or PM123?

WarpAMP and PM123 do not integrate with MMOS/2 well. To control these programs with scripts etc., you have to use whatever interface they provide instead of the standard interface provided by MMOS/2. The OS/2 Multimedia Infrastructure Project has more information on this subject.

Installing MMIOMP3 does not prevent you from using these programs. In fact, they can complement each other by having MMIOMP3 providing you with standard MMOS/2 interfaces, and WarpAMP or PM123 providing a nice user application.


All IOprocs come in one package.


Unzip the package into a temporary directory. Run MINSTALL and follow the instructions. MINSTALL will allow you to select which IOprocs you wish to install.

Installation copies the need DLLs into the MMOS2 directory.

The zip file also contains an uninstall script, and other useful executables that you might wish to keep around.

Related Software

You may wish to download CW-Multimedia classes. It adds extended WPS support for Ogg Vorbis and MP3 files, as well as acting as a replacement of the IBM Multimedia WPS classes.


Thanks to Klaus Staedtler for publicity.

Thanks to Chris Wohlgemuth for patches.

Thanks to Darwin O’Connor for introducing me to MMOS/2 and MMIOProcs.

Russell O’Connor: