Vorbis Multimedia IOProc for OS/2 - 0.3.2

MMIOVorbis 0.3.2 is an MMIOProc for OS/2 that allows OS/2’s multimedia system to play Ogg Vorbis files.

This IOProc supports translated read, traslated seek, and translated write operations.

Ogg Vorbis decoding is done by libvorbis.

Included is a example program called bitrate that prints the bitrate of an Ogg Vorbis file. Also an encoder called convert that converts any MMOS/2 readable file into an Ogg Vorbis file.


MMIOVorbis is part of the MMAudio Pak When installing MMAudio Pak you can select which IOProcs to install.


MMIOVorbis requires the EMX runtime.

Bugs and Known Issues

MMIOVorbis does not support Ogg Vorbii that change audio parameters, such as sample rate and number of channels, in the middle of the data.

To Do


Programming with mmioVorbis

Vorbis encoding is done with libvorbisenc. libvorbisenc requires quite a large amount of stack space to operate, so be sure to give it adequte stack space when compiling a program that uses mmioVorbis. If you are going to run the encoder in a separate thread, then be sure that you use DosCreateThread with adequate stack space:

                65536);  // 1048576

Legal Stuff


This would be all public domain if I could have it my way.

Russell O’Connor: roconnor@math.berkeley.edu