MP3 Multimedia IOProc for OS/2 - 0.4.3

MMIOMP3 0.4.3 is an MMIOProc for OS/2 that allows OS/2’s multimedia system to play MP3 files.

This IOProc supports translated read and traslated seek.

MP3 decoding is done by madlib 0.15.0b.

Included is a example program called bitrate that prints the bitrate of an MP3 file.


MMIOMP3 is part of the MMAudio Pak When installing MMAudio Pak you can select which IOProcs to install.


MMIOMP3 requires the EMX runtime.

Bugs and Known Issues

MMIOMP3 can not play MP3s that have RIFF WAVE headers. These files are broken anyways. MPEG Audio Utility will remove this kind of junk from mp3 files with the /s0 option.

MMIOMP3 now estimates the playtime of files; the results may not be exact.

If a VBR MP3 files does not have a correct Xing header (and many do not) the estimated playtime of the file will probably differ greatly from the actual playtime.

There are no plans for adding translated write to the IOProc.

To Do


Legal Stuff


This would be all public domain if I could have it my way.

Russell O’Connor:


Go into Multimedia Setup. Look at the Digital Audio tab, and use the + in the corner to find the Association page. Add MP2 as an new extenstion to play MP2 files. May work for MP1s as well.