Can’t Call Collect? Skype.


I screwed up on-line access to my bank account because I had the caps lock key on when entering my password. So I needed to call the bank to have my password reset. There is a toll-free number, but I can’t connect to it from outside North America. They provide an other number that I can call collect from anywhere in the world, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to call collect from my mobile phone. So I called the Vodaphone Prepaid Infolijn and paid €0.39 per minute for someone to tell me that I cannot make collect calls from my prepaid phone.

I was running low on options. I didn’t really feel like paying an arm and a leg to make a long distance call to Canada on my mobile and stand on hold forever. So out of desperation I tried dialling +18888722422 in Skype, and it worked! Touch-tone phone menus and everything! I couldn’t believe it. Why do I bother owning a phone?



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