Hot Parliament


It’s a hot parliament folks. The Liberals and the Bloc hold 154 seats, while the Conservatives and the NDP hold 153 seats. This gives controversial radio host André Arthur the balance of power in parliament.

Okay, maybe parliament won’t ever split that way.

I suppose the Bloc will support the Conservatives on their anti-federalist policies (and maybe some fiscal policy). I suppose the Liberals should support the Conservatives on their fiscal policy so long as the budget stays balanced, although in practice they won’t support the Conservatives because they are bitter rivals. No one will support the Conservatives on their social policies. Honestly I don’t see how this government will hold.

The Liberals seem to have done better than most people expected. In particular they have done better than LISPOP expected so I lost 2.97% on my investment which amounts to 74.4˘. But this also includes my 45.5˘ loss due to a calculation error on my part. Next time I will follow the MIT guys at


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