More London Shooting


De Menezes left his apartment complex, which was under observation. The observer didn’t get a good look at him leaving the building because the observer was taking a leak. By the time de Menezes made it to the bus station he had be positively (mis-)identified as one of the London bombers. The order went out that he was not to enter the underground.

De Menezes made it to the metro station and walked in. He picked up a free metro paper. At one point he ran to catch a train. He ran into the train doors, paused, looked left and then looked right. He found a seat and walked over to take his seat. There was a clamouring outside the train. Someone shouted “Police!” De Menezes stood up. Another (unarmed) officer had already made it to the train and grabbed de Menezes wrapping his arms around de Menezes, forcing him back to his seat. De Menezes was then shot, eight times.

De Menezes was not wearing a heavy jacket. He never ran from police. So all you conservative bloggers out there who were able to settle your conscience by blaming the victim, what do you say now?

And why was it appropriate before for police to say that de Menezes ran from police, but now it is inappropriate for the police to comment?


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