The Evolution Will Not Be Televised


The evolution has begun. Chrétien forced through some nice election reform at his end of term. Parties get funding related to the number of votes they get, and corporate donations have been all but eliminated.

At some point we will get some form of proportional representation electoral system. This will enable fringe parties to become mainstream and reduce the power of the oligarchy.

Soon technology will enable reasonable direct democracy. Lobbyists will lose power, and people voices will be heard. Having actual political power, the population will be more engaged in political issues.

Meanwhile the rise of the professional amateur will begin to take force. Pro-ams will produce better products and services for free than corporations or governments. This will be noticed and encouraged by shortening working hours.

With direct control over government, and more pro-ams taking up the work of both governments and corporations, the role of government and corporations will shrink. Anarchy will ensue, and because of the evolution, the people will be ready.

Sorry, I’ve been on an anarchy binge these past two weeks.


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