Harddrive Enclosure and JFS


Last week I bought a hard drive enclosure so that I could hook up my 180 GB hard drive from my desktop computer to my laptop. Sadly it didn’t work under Linux. But this week I tried it under Windows, and it still didn’t work. This morning I thought that I may have left my hard drive in slave mode, but when I opened up my enclosure I found that my hard drive was in cable-select mode. Since I had it opened anyways, I set it to master mode. Now it works!

I can mount my JFS partition from OS/2, but there are no permissions on any of the files, so only root can read them. OS/2 doesn’t have file permissions. Is there anyway I can make the mount ignore the permissions and allow all users to read from it?

Maybe I can change the permissions on all the files. If I am lucky OS/2 will just ignore the permissions. If I am unlucky OS/2 will choke on the files.


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