How to Enter the Netherlands from Canada - 07


I have filled out the forms for my doctor but I haven’t submitted them yet because I suck.

I got the router on Saturday. We stuck it and the cable modem inside the wall. I hope I won’t need to physical access it.

I had the most amazing test on Friday. I asked to take the semi-intensive day classes. They gave me a little test to help judge if I was capable of learning languages quickly. I was quite concerned because I don’t think that I’m good at languages. Learning vocabulary is so hard. But this test was not about vocabulary. It was testing to see if I could infer rules from examples. This is something I am very good at. I came away with the impression that learning Esperanto would be quite easy. I’m still not as certain about Dutch.

Things to do/get:

  1. health insurance - requires: sofi-number, doctor, pharmacy
  2. take dutch classes - requires: interview, dept. to pay for it.
  3. get paid - requires: sofi-number, signed employment contract, bank account
  4. non-temporary resident permit - requires: legalized birth certificate, landlord passport


  1. place to sleep
  2. got moving expenses
  3. temporary resident permit
  4. sofi-number
  5. bank account
  6. landlord passport
  7. sign employment contract
  8. prepaid mobile-phone
  9. dutch classes interview
  10. internet access at home



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