How to Enter the Netherlands from Canada - 04


Yesterday I got my sofi-number and opened a bank account without trouble. The shops downtown were still closed at 9:30, so I have not got a cell phone yet. The shops are open late on Thursdays, so I plan to go Thursday evening. This will give me some time to review which cell phone I want to get.

I gave my newly acquired data to the personal department yesterday, and today I have a contract to sign. I will review the English translation before signing it.

Things to do/get:

  1. sign employment contract - requires: sofi-number, employment contract
  2. mobile-phone - requires: bank account
  3. health insurance - requires: sofi-number, doctor
  4. get paid - requires: sofi-number, signed employment contract, bank account
  5. internet connection at home - requires: cable modem, router
  6. non-temporary resident permit - requires: legalized birth certificate, landlord’s passport


  1. place to sleep
  2. got moving expenses
  3. temporary resident permit
  4. sofi-number
  5. bank account


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