How to Enter the Netherlands from Canada - 02


Yesterday I noticed the Stadswinkel gave me the wrong forms, so yesterday I went back to them (took a number, waited) and got the correct forms (Application residence permit or change of purpose without MVV). Now I have the correct forms. Also yesterday I went to sign my contract (as I have been pushed to do the previous day), but I cannot sign it without getting my sofi-number.

Today the Rabobank ended up telling me the same thing as the ABN. They need my address, passport, sofi-number, employment contract. I have spent a lot of time wait in lines and have nothing to show for it. Here is my revised list.

Things to do/get:

  1. internet connection at home - requires: router
  2. passport photos
  3. resident permit - requires: employment contract, passport photos
  4. sofi-number - requires: resident permit
  5. bank account - requires: sofi-number, address, passport, employment contract
  6. mobile-phone - requires: bank account
  7. health insurance - requires: sofi-number, doctor
  8. sign employment contract - requires: sofi-number, employment contract
  9. get paid - requires: sofi-number, signed employment contract, bank account


  1. Place to sleep

I have an appointment to get my resident’s permit on the 24th. As you may notice everything it tied-up until then (I cannot get a mobile phone). So until the 24th I am not a person. They seem to monitor the movement of money so tightly here, that it kinda makes me dislike socialist countries. I wonder if I could even get paid with no bank account? When I was in Berkeley I decided it was simplier just to get paid by cheque.


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