How to Enter the Netherlands from Canada - 01


Yesterday the HR person was away so I wasn’t able to get my employment contract, so I went downtown to try and start various processes. I went to the Belastingdienst (tax office) and made an appointment this morning to get a sofi-number (social insurance number). I went to the Stadswinkel to apply for a resident’s permit, and made an appointment for the 24th. The ABN/AMRO bank on campus wanted a sofi-number, passport, rental contract, employment contract before I could open an account.

Today I went to the Belastingdienst for my appointment only to be told I need to get my resident’s permit first. I also visited the Rabobank to see what they had to say about opening an account. They just wanted my passport, and proof of income from the university. I made an appointment with them for tomorrow.

Things to do/get:

  1. internet connection at home - requires: router
  2. employment contract
  3. bank account - requires: sofi-number, rental contract, passport, employment contract OR passport, employment contract
  4. mobile-phone - requires: bank account
  5. resident’s permit - requires: employment contract
  6. health insurance - requires: passport, employment contract, resident’s permit
  7. sofi-number - requires: resident’s permit
  8. get paid - requires: sofi-number, employment contract, bank account


  1. Place to sleep

I fear as I get more information the dependencies will become circular. My friend assures me that other people go though this process, so it will be possible. I still fear that everyone is independently and randomly adding more requirement every year, so maybe the dependencies will become circular.


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