I’ve started my job at Inscriber this week. I was surprised that they are using a lot of my work. In particular a long time ago I wrote a document on how to properly prefilter before downsampling a 4:4:4 to a 4:2:2 video signal by using a multitap digital filter. It was a huge filter, that followed the spec and I figured it would never be used. But it is being used now.

Also I wrote a closed captioning encoder (that also follows the spec) that was going to be used for the evil purposes of embedding URIs in commercials that set-top boxes could read. It was never used for that, and is now used for encoding actual closed caption data.

Finally, my bitching and whining about their NDA has paid off. Instead of them claiming they own any work I do whatsoever when I’m employed, they now only claim they own any work I do that is related to video (or The Technology as the NDA puts it). I’m most proud of this.



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