I finally got wireless networking on my laptop. I returned my SMC card and got an expensive Linksys instead. Fortunately it seem to drop in price by 30% when I took it to the register, and there is a $15 mail in rebate on top of that.

Still it took me at least 4 hours or more fiddling with Debian to get it to work. Funny thing is that it was a continuation of the same type of fiddling I was trying to do to get the other card to work. I finally got an 2.4 kernel working that would run card services. Thanks to this guy I was able to avoid the nightmare of trying to get linux-wlan-ng up and running.

Maybe I’ll try and go back to see if I can have wireless access under my 2.2 kernel. I feel uncomfortable running 2.4 because I got that out of unstable.



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