HTML Geekiness


I recently had the opportunity to be an HTML weenie. It’s been a while. My goal was to do my Riemannian Geometry term report entirely in HTML. I’m pretty happy with the results considering HTML wasn’t really designed to do math. I was basically restricted to 1-D notation. But by using a Lebesgue integral instead of a Riemannian integral, I think I managed to write everything that I wanted to.

There was a recent slashdot article on redoing the layout of Slashdot using valid HTML and CSS. I’m so pleased with the results. I think this should be an assignment for fanlain’s class. Take a popular non-compliant web page and redo it using valid HTML and CSS and without using TABLE elements.

In other geekiness, I got stable Debian installed on my laptop. I wanted to install some unstable apps, such as Mozilla. I tried to add unstable sources, but apt-setup wasn’t happy with it. So I added testing sources. I upgraded apt to testing. Then I was able to add unstable sources. Yay! Now I have Mozilla 1.5. I copied my Mozilla profile from my desktop computer, and now it knows my password for livejournal. I’m now waiting for package dependancies disaster to strike.


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