Damn you apt-get


Last week I was trying to get something to work on my Debian Linux laptop. For some reason I tried running apt-get upgrade. What a disaster that was. It took forever. And now two packages have errors in configuration. console-core and console-dataI believe, or something close to that. The later I thought things might be better if I rebooted. Another disaster. Now whenever I login under X, it freezes my computer after a second. No keyboard response. No ctrl-alt-delete. No reset button. No power button response. Unplugging doesn’t do anything. Only pulling out the battery gets a decisive response.

Linux isn’t always as stable as people would have you believe. I have half a mind to go back and try to get OS/2 running on my laptop. I mean, it freeze up on me on occasion as well, but I’m familiar enough with it to know how to deal with it.

Really I need to learn how the Debian package system works so I can reinstall and reconfigure broken pieces. Now, if I can only figure out which part of the X windows system is broken.

This must be how the rest of the world feels about computers.



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